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Kath State: The Energy of Inner Fire Training™

Kath State: The Energy of Inner Fire Training™

kathstateThis one-day group training based on Oscar Ichazo’s book, Kath State: the Energy of Inner Fire is an excellent opportunity to embody his qigong (Kath) work of the Five Elements. Oscar adapted his five movements from Master Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s Tai Chi Chuan and relates them to his theory of the Five Elements of Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Space. In his theory, each movement energizes the chi of the Element that he associates with the five physical Realms of Existence found in the human body.

The training includes a complete Introduction that explains the Kath State and how this State is generated in the physical body. When chi is generated in specific areas (realms) of the body, the endocrine system related to that part of the body is awakened, regenerating all the organs and tissues of that area. When all five areas (Realms of Existence) are regenerated through these five movements, the Kath State is attained, becoming quite noticeable in the brain and felt throughout the body.

Breathing techniques and exercises are employed to further enhance the Kath State experience. Slides are used in the training to give a clear presentation of the material. Meditations with the five movements ensure that a proficient level of embodiment of the Kath State is attained from the day’s work.

The basic exercises are easy to learn and can be practiced by any age group. Adequate break time is scheduled as well as a two-hour lunch break.

Length of training: One-day intensive group training
Prerequisites: None
Fees: $150 (repeat price available)
Date: To be scheduled. Currently collecting names. Click here to add your name.

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Psychocalisthenics® Training

Picking-Grapes_144x137Psychocalisthenics is a sequence of 23 movement and breathing exercises that activate the flow of vital energy through all muscle groups, organs, glands and tissues. It is performed in the Arica Daily Routine™ and during many Arica trainings.

Psychocalisthenics is easy to learn. The entire series takes only sixteen minutes to complete and produces a flash of vital energy through the entire body. Psychocalisthenics can be learned in a group or individual class taught by certified Psychocalisthenics teachers worldwide, or on your own with the help of the P-Cals book and DVD. A wallchart and CD are also available.

Length of training: One-day group training
Prerequisites: None
Requirements: Arica membership
Fees: $100 (includes wall chart); (repeat price available)
Date: To be scheduled.
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